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Magazine Submissions & Guidelines

Submission Guidelines:

PLEASE NOTE: Dark Elixir Magazine has a different email address than Smitten Kitten Pinup Magazine. For all inquiries related to Dark Elixir Magazine, please contact us at


All models and photographers are encouraged to submit their images. We are a women's magazine based on imagery within the fetish, dark, burlesque, tattoos, Halloween, horror, bondage, bdsm, oddity, and sinister genres for publication. We are also looking for content on photographer/artist spotlights, event coverage, and genre related articles.

-All submissions must include a completed Release Form (please see below). If the form isn't completed, your submission will be forfeited and deleted.

-All submissions must meet our guidelines or your submission will be forfeited.

-Submit at least 6 images (or more for a better selection). This will increase the chances of being selected as cover model. We need at least 10 images for cover model selections.

-Images must be of High resolution with at least 300dpi, professional, 8.25 inches by 10.75 inches, and no larger than 8.5 inches by 11 inches. If we receive imagery larger than this, your submission will be deleted.

-Submissions will NOT be accepted through social media nor will they be accepted through email. We only accept submissions through our release form.

-We do NOT accept selfies, images taken from social media, nor screenshots.

-Images sent in a PDF format or a Zip file will NOT be accepted. Our release form will NOT accept Zip files. In this case, do NOT reach out to us in regards to this. We only accept images in .jpg format.


-Images with watermarks will NOT be accepted.


-We do NOT accept imagery that has been recreated with AI features.

-Models MUST be at least 18 years old to submit. Due to the nature of this publication, we do NOT publish minors. 

-Model's bio will not necessarily be used during publication.

-Absolutely No selfies! Absolutely NO nudes allowed. Implied nudity is okay.

-We accept images that have been posted on social media but we will NOT accept images that have been published in other magazines. We also do NOT accept any same set with multiple wardrobe changes, especially those which have already been published in other magazines.

-Please be advised that due to the amount of submissions, content is NOT a guarantee of publication (excluding sponsorships). Content for publication is used based on deadlines being met, our current themes for the month (if applicable), and also what is used to fit the criteria of our magazine.


-We DO send emails and/or notifications to models/photographers regarding publication selections.


-Please do NOT contact us through email nor social media for updates on submission status' or your submission will be forfeited. This includes the magazine's social media pages. This also includes our Partner Studios' and Artists/Team Members' personal social media pages.


-If the photographer and model contact information isn't fully complete on your release form, your submission will be forfeited.



Cover Models: We are always looking for badass models to grace our cover. Please submit your best images without background noise, anything hanging etc. There should be room within the image to add font. Images that have been posted on social media will NOT be accepted for cover model selections. We will choose the best submission that relates to the theme of the month being published (if applicable). There are better chances of models being chosen during the cover selection if at least 10 photos are submitted. Please be aware that our Partner Studios get first dibs on all cover selections as well as paid publisher's add-ons.


Best of luck to you all! 

Before submitting your imagery, please check out our optional NEW PAID PUBLISHER ADD ONS!

Smitten Kitten Pinup Magazine is now proud to offer PAID PUBLISHER ADD ONS, which are:


*High Resolution Tear Sheets

*Guaranteed Social Media Shares

*Guaranteed 2 Page Spreads

*Guaranteed 4 Page Spreads

*Guaranteed 6 Page Spreads

*Guaranteed 8 Page Spreads

*Guaranteed Cover Selections

Ready to Submit?

If you have followed all submission guidelines, please click the button below to proceed to our submission page.​​

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